the INBOTS project in the conference

Monica Malvezzi: introduction to INBOTS

presentations of papers stemming from the INBOTS CSA project 

Maria Pozzi, Unnikrishnan Radhakrishnan, Ana Rojo Agustí, Konstantinos Koumaditis, Francesco Chinello, Juan C. Moreno Sastoque and Monica MalvezziExploiting VR and AR technologies in education and training to Inclusive Robotics
Theodosios Sapounidis and Dimitris AlimisisEducational robotics curricula: current trends and shortcomings
Sofia Almpani and Dimitris AlimisisDance & Robots: Designing a Robotics-enhanced project for dance-based STEAM Education Using ENGINO
Britt ÖstlundRobots entering the care sector: The case of a new curriculum for the education of assistant nurses in Sweden

Panel Discussion: inclusive robotics in the pandemic times

chair: Michele Moro

Panelists: D. Alimisis (EDUMOTIVA), S. Reyes (ROTECO), M. Malvezzi (Univ. of Siena)

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