Arnan Sipitakiat in the keynote talk together with Paulo Blikstein

Arnan (Roger) directs the Teaching and Learning Innovation Center (TLIC) at Chiang Mai University in Thailand. The center spearheads novel learning approaches, defines and operates competency frameworks, and conducts training for more than two thousand faculty members throughout the university. As a faculty and researcher at the Computer Engineering Department, he also directs the Learning …


keynote speaker: Paulo Blikstein in collaboration with Arnan Sipitakiat

Title: Educational Robotics: Design Principles, Past, and Future Educational Robotics is almost 40 years old. During these four decades, it went from a curiosity to a worldwide phenomenon that is now present is thousands of schools. However, the landscape of educational robotics is full of contradictions and questionable design: often products and practices are not …


invited speaker: Gary Stager

Dr. Gary Stager’s invited talk: Thinking About Thinking About Robotics In these turbulent times, we are blessed with the availability incredibly powerful, affordable, and accessible technology sadly accompanied by an absence of vision for its educational use. This paradox may be caused by an absence of metaphors for thinking about thinking with robotics materials. Dr. …