International Conference Educational Robotics 2020 (former “Teaching Robotics, Teaching with Robotics-TRTWR”)

When: November 26-27, 2020 February 25-26, 2021 new dates!

Where: Department of Information Engineering and Mathematics, University of Siena, via Roma 56, 53100 Siena, Italy


Monica Malvezzi, University of Siena, Italy

Dimitris Alimisis , EDUMOTIVA (European Lab for Educational Technology), Greece

Michele Moro, University of Padua, Italy

The International Conference Educational Robotics (EDUROBOTICS, former TRTWR) has a history of previous successful editions which witnesses the continuously growing interest in educational robotics world-wide and have helped to build a community of researchers and educators in Educational Robotics at European and international level. Under its former name “Teaching Robotics and Teaching With Robotics- TRTWR” this series of International workshops originated by the TERECoP project in Venice (2008) and grew up in Darmstadt (2010), in Riva del Garda (2012) and in Padua (2014) (the latter was a joint event with the “Robotics in Education” 2014 Int. Conference and hosted by the 13th International Conference on Intelligent Autonomous Systems  upgraded to International Conference Educational Robotics in Athens, 2016 and in Rome 2018

Publications from EDUROBOTICS CONFERENCES have included open online proceedings, special issues in journals and books:

The main theme of the conference EDUROBOTICS 2020:


The conference will focus on current learning and training needs in robotics from pre-school age to universities and on the development of a sustainable framework to promote education in robotics and with robotics including curricula and resources for school & higher education that will support the development of the 21st century skills for youth. The conference will empasise the role of robotics as learning object and tool in the frame of the STEAM education and in the light of learning theories and methodologies suggested by Constructivism and Constructionism (Piaget, Papert) and the currently emerging in education maker movement. The conference aims at providing an insight to the latest state-of-the-art in educational robotics to the community (academia, schools, and industry). 

In line with the above theme the topics will include:

  • learning & training needs in robotics 
  • robotics curricula & resources from pre-school to universities
  • edurobotics and constructionism
  • edurobotics and maker movement
  • 3d modeling & 3d printing  in edurobotics
  • teacher training in edurobotics 
  • simulators  and virtual robots in education
  • programming tools in edurobotics
  • competitions with educational robots

Call for papers is coming soon.

We invite academics, researchers and educators active in the field of educational robotics at all levels of education from pre-school to universities, including young researchers, PhD. and post-graduate students.

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